My painting style invokes organic and anatomical forms that are aesthetically pleasing and provoke a meditative and emotional response.  My figurative work incorporates social commentary and psychological studies of modern men and women. 

I spent five years teaching art to middle school and high school students, and am currently taking time to raise my two daughters and focus on my art career.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing and a Master of the Arts with a focus in studio arts.  

Commission Artwork

I have been doing commission portraits, pet portraits, houses, buildings, wedding dresses, abstracts, etc. for over 15 years and can work in any medium.  Depending on the size, a commission drawing or painting typically takes 2 weeks to a month.  I can paint or draw any subject matter you have in mind.  Please contact me for more information. Click Here to see some work.

Event Painting

I specialize in wedding event paintings.  Typically, I arrive 4-6 hours before the start of the event and paint the background/room where the first dance will occur.  I stay until the end of the bride and groom’s first dance and leave with a quick sketch of the bride and groom.  I work with the photographer to capture the bride and groom dancing from my point of view.  I complete the details of the bride and groom in my studio in the following weeks.  Please contact me for more information.